Livolo Design Touch Dimmer | Single pole (1 pole) + Single pole (1 pole) | 2 raams

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Livolo | Design Touch Dimmer | Single pole (1 pole) + Single pole (1 pole) | 2 raams

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Livolo | Design Touch Dimmer | Single pole (1 pole) + Single pole (1 pole) | 2 raams



We deliver Livolo without Livolo logo on the front plate. That looks much nicer.



The elegant Touch Dimmer Eclipse (Series) features a glass capacitive screen. A slight touch is enough to operate the Touch Switch because it operates on the basis of capacitive sensor technology. In the Touch Dimmer Eclipse (Series), a blue LED will light for orientation in the dark. When you touch the Touch Switch, the blue LED will jump to red so you can see that the Touch Switch is turned on. The switch is easy to install just like any other switch. Designed for 2 built-in boxes.


Led lamps:

If you want to use the Touch Switches for (LED) lamps below the (minimum switching range) 15 Watt and with Touch Dimmers for lamps below the (minimum dimming range) 25 Watt, you can use our Led adapter that is easy in the space behind Switch and fits the lamp itself. Ideal for use with LED lamps.



How does Dimmen work?

Without telling an overly technical story, it comes down to the following:


There are two forms of dimming:


  1. Phase cutting dimming (Leading edge Dimming / RL).
  2. Phase Cutting Dimming (Trailing-Edge Dimming / RC).


Livolo Dimmers are Phase Leading Edge and the LED lamp must also be dimmed in this way. Whether the LED lamp is suitable for dimming this way, you can often find the LED lamp itself.


Possible problems with using old dimmer
It may be possible that the current dimmer is unable to completely dim the LEDs. This differs by type of dimmer. In addition, many phase-cutting dimmers have a relatively high minimum power. Be sure that the installation achieves this minimum when using LED drivers that work with phase cutting / Leading Edge .

Note: With LED lights An LED driver is used (this is in the LED lamp itself). This LED driver must therefore be able to handle a phase-cutting / Leading Edge Dimmer (such as the Livolo Dimmer).


It is wise that when you buy a Led lamp, you always need to ask for the LED Led LED channel if the LED lamp can be dimmed with a phase-cutting / leading edge dimmer; So you're sure to get the right led lamp in your house.





Type: 1 Gang 1 Way Dimmer + 1 Gang 1 Way Dimmer
Way of Dimming: Leading Edge
Minimum load: > 5 W
Maximum Load : < 500 W
Maximum Ampere: 5A
Voltage: 220-250V
Energy Consumption: < 0.1 mA
Dimensions: 151 mm x 80 mm x 40 mm
Rendering: Blue / Red LED
Environment temperature: -30 To 70 ° C
Humidity: < 95% RH
Longevity: > 100.000 x
Warranty: 2 Year
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